About Us

About Us


DSP was founded by a former Division 1 athlete and coach with over 35 years of experience in coaching and training athletes of all ages and levels, from youth to adults, beginners to professionals.

Our team of experienced, qualified coaches have all competed and/or coached at the highest levels in various sports, bringing a unique blend of knowledge, experience, and passion for sports and training. 

We design individual, group, and team training programs for you and with you to unlock your untapped athletic potential and to help you become… YOUR BEST ATHLETE.


We have rebranded! What once was the Truck Shop Strength and Speed is now Dynamis Sports Performance. The same coaches, the same location, the same top end athletic training, just a different name.

Why the change? Although a meaningful name for us, the Truck Shop can be initially confusing on what we offer due to the context of the name.  We wanted to pick a name that was still meaningful, but a bit cleaner and simpler.  So we are now DSP, Dynamis Sports Performance!

Why DSP?  Dynamis essentially has two meanings, both of which greatly illustrate who we are and what we do at our facility.  The Greeks used the word Dynamis as someone’s “will to fight” or “will to win”.  The Webster dictionary definition is, “the state of that which is not yet fully realized: power potentially.”   Both meanings speak for themselves pretty darn well. 

At Dynamis Sports Performance, it is our mission to bring out that inner power and strength that every athlete holds within, and let it shine for all to see.  To breed and grow our Dynamis, our will to battle on.  So, are you ready to unleash your inner power?

Skip Ray


Skip Ray

Skip Ray

  • Former Division 1 athlete 
  • Over 35 years coaching experience 
  • Former Division 1 coach (baseball, strength & conditioning) 
  • Trained athletes for 2 professional sports agencies. Pro players as well as college players prepping for NFL combine and MLB spring training
  • Coached and trained 100’s of athletes from youth through collegiate levels in every major sport- Football, Rugby, Baseball, Lacrosse, Basketball, Softball 
  • Former Trainer at top 10 nationally ranked personal training gyms 
  • Bachelor of Science 
  • Cooper Institute of Aerobics Research Certified Fitness Professional 
  • Power Athlete Certified Block One Strength & Conditioning Coach
Jake Ray

Jake Ray

CSCS, NASM CPT, Power Athlete Block One

Jake Ray has been a lifelong athlete of many sports, a true exercise fanatic, and has a strong passion for coaching and teaching athletes and people of all ages. Jake played football and rugby growing up, and then went on to get a rugby scholarship at Arkansas State, where their team was a consistent top 5 team in the nation, and where Jake was the starting 8 man each year he attended. He graduated with a Bachelors in Exercise Science, is an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and is a Power Athlete Methodology and Block One Coach.  After graduating from college, Jake co-founded and launched The Truck Shop Strength and Speed’s remote coaching program, as well as honed his skills and experience as a personal trainer in Tempe, Arizona before moving and co-founding Dynamis Sports Performance here in Argyle, TX. Jake also loves dirt biking, golf, snowboarding, and anything else that gets him outdoors and pushes his limits.

“I’ve experienced firsthand what proper strength and conditioning can do. It made me a better athlete and an all-around healthier and happier person. It is my passion and purpose to train others so they can improve the quality of their lives and achieve their goals.”