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Founded on a great passion for sports and training, and a belief in dedication, hard work, and steel resolve, we design and implement our training programs with one goal – TO HELP YOU REACH AND SURPASS YOUR ATHLETIC GOALS. 

Proper strength training programs easily and seamlessly translate to athletic gains on the field or court. 

We offer speed/agility and strength/conditioning classes for ages 8 and up, at our athletic training gym located in Argyle, TX.

Regardless of age, gender, skill level, or sport, let DSP give you the tools to become YOUR BEST ATHLETE!

what we do

We Build Athletes

At Dynamis Sports Performance we design cutting-edge, results-oriented programs all implemented through our various classes at our facility.

Properly engineered and implemented training programs enable a seamless transfer of gym strength and power to field & court. Our programs are steeped in time-tested, battle-proven principles designed by dedicated strength & conditioning professionals. 

Our passion, commitment, knowledge, and expertise are embedded into each of our training programs.

Our mission is simple: to design the best strength & speed programs available to unlock YOUR BEST ATHLETE.


  • Skip & Jake are awesome.  My oldest son just had a 360 degree tear in his labrum. He has been working with The Truck Shop the last couple of months. Since he can't do much with his upper body, Skip & Jake have been working on his speed & agility. My son loves it there and is making notable progress. These guys are really positive and knowledgeable. I loved it so much, I have them working with my 9 year and some of his football buddies every Monday evening. They have a blast working their tails off. You definitely need to check out The Truck Shop.

  • I highly recommend sending your athletes to coach Jake and Skip. They are extremely knowledgeable and great with the kids. Both of my sons have been working out here for the past year an a half and I have seen unbelievable improvement in strength, speed and there confidence as an athlete.

  • "The Truck Shop helped transform our players and build confidence to compete at the highest level in college rugby."

  • After 3-4 weeks of following their workout schedule, I saw noticeable changes in my strength and physique.

  • Easy to work with and I started seeing real gains in power & strength in no time.

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